5 Best Kid’s Swimming Goggles

What are the 5 best kid's swimming goggles? Choosing a swim goggle that performs well in the water and is durable enough to withstand wear and tear outside the water is not the easiest of tasks. Which swim goggles for kids offer the safety characteristics that parent want—and the comfort and ease of use that active kid’s need?

  1. Aqua Sphere Kaiman. The Aqua Sphere Kaiman goggles are available in large sizes for adults—and small for children or adults with small facial features. The anti-fogging, scratch resistant lenses allow 180-degree vision and provide 100% UVA and UVB protection.  The two-piece goggle, made from Softeril, offers a water-tight seal and is quick and easy to adjust.
  2. TYR Youth Flexframe Goggles. Tyr Flexframe swim goggles are designed specifically for children and even adults with a small facial structure. The goggles are easy to adjust with the side clips to provide a secure, water tight seal. These children’s swim goggles feature much desired anti-fog, shatter resistant, and UV protective lenses and colorful styling.
  3. Speedo Vanquisher Jr. The Speedo Vanquisher Jr. offers the same flexible, form fitting design and anti-fogging lenses as the adult Speedo Vanquisher version—but, made suitable for a child’s small face.  Featuring 95% UV protective lenses and three nose bridges, the water tight goggles are available in bright, kid friendly colors and designs.
  4. TYR Swimple Youth Goggles. Swimple youth swim goggles are designed to offer a water-tight, hypoallergenic fit for small faces, intended for children ages three to ten. The adjustable strap has an easy release button to avoid the need to adjust and readjust between wears. The swim goggles are available in bright, kid appealing designs—and offer optical grade anti-fog, UV protected lenses.
  5. Speedo Hydrospex. Speedo Hydrospex swim goggles for kids are intended for children ages three to ten. These goggles feature a one piece frame and an easy to adjust head strap, and offer anti-fogging lenses and UV ray protection. Styles are available in a variety of prints.



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