5 Best Killer Clown Movies

Planning a B-horror movie fest this weekend, and trying to find the 5 best killer clown movies? Coulrophobia is the fear of clowns. There are surprisingly few good killer clown movies out there, considering that it is such a common fear. So, how is it possible to choose the best murder-and-mayhem clown flicks? Look no further! Here is your guide to 5 of the best killer clown movies out there!

  1. "Final Draft" (2007).  Tormented writer Paul Twist becomes an isolated hermit for eighteen days as he attempts to finish his movie script while battling writer's block. This movie has a fresh take on old themes of resurrection and revenge. As a child, Paul witnessed the accidental death of a circus clown who was burned to death while spectators watched and laughed. As an adult, the writer envisions the deaths of those who have wronged him as they are murdered by Punchy the Hobo Clown.
  2. "Clownhouse" (1988).  Clownhouse, directed by Victor Salva, starring Nathan Forest Winters, Brian McHugh and Sam Rockwell, has truly creepy and scary clown stalking scenes. Big brothers Randy and Geoffrey take their younger sibling Casey to the circus and torment the child about his clown-phobia. Unfortunately, they choose the same evening that three escapees from an insane asylum decide to dress up as clowns and go on a killing spree.
  3. "Drive Thru" (2007).  Drive Thru is a campy tongue-in-cheek slash fest set in Blanca Carne, California. It is a great movie for a good laugh and some cheap thrills. Horny the Clown, mascot of fast-food restaurant Hella-Burger, embarks upon a murder spree with a meat cleaver. It is up to teenage Mackenzie Carpenter and her boyfriend, Fisher, to put a stop to his clownish antics.
  4. "Killer Klowns from Outer Space" (1988).  Killer Klowns is a B-horror movie classic and a cult favorite. In this vintage flick the clowns are carnivorous space aliens who have come to earth to eat scores of small town residents. Our heroes are an unlikely pair of teenagers equipped with an ice cream truck. The movie features great special effects, including animated balloon animals and shadow puppets. A must see!
  5. "Stephen King's It" (1990).  Stephen King's take on killer clown movies easily ranks as first and foremost leader of the pack. It is head and shoulders above everything else in terms of scariness–lingering in your imagination and nightmares. During the 1960's, the children of Derry, Maine, are terrorized by a monstrous creature and band together to fight it. Thirty years later the pattern repeats, bringing the friends together again.
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