5 Best Kim Cattrall Sex Scenes

The 5 best sex scenes from Kim Cattrall will burn into your memory banks as this beauty from Liverpool, England, has starred in may films and many of them had her gorgeous body in full display. Whether drama or comedy, Kim Cattrall's sex scenes are usually some of the best parts of the films that feature very thin plotlines or an excuse to showcase her private parts. Her acting career may have had its highs and lows but fans can always count on her to flash the goods in order to entertain the public. Here are the five best Kim Cattrall sex scenes:

  1. "Above Suspicion" (1995): Kim Cattrall plays a cop's wife who has a steamy affair with another man. The best is the shower scene with her lovely chest pressed against the glass.
  2. "Sex in the City" (1998): Kim Cattrall's Samantha Jones is the ultimate sex pot. Many episodes of the HBO series have her flings (too numerous to pick just one) with boytoys wih hilarious results.
  3. "Porky's" (1982): Honeywell is one of the classic hotties and no one better than a young Kim Cattrall to portray a sexual dynamo like her. The hilarious romp will have you rolling as well as sweating under your collar!
  4. "Smoke Screen" (1988): Odessa Muldoon gets involved with a bookkeeper in some hot and heavy sex. The movie doesn't sound much but Kim Cattrall nude goodiness shouldn't!
  5. "Midnight Crossing" (1988): Kim Cattrall stars in this crime caper to steal $1 million from Cuba. A good excuse to see Kim Cattrall get in some good sex even though a body double handled her nudes scenes for God knows what reason.
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