5 Best Kim Novak Movies

There's more to the 5 best Kim Novak movies than the fact that she looks beautiful in them all. She was a bombshell beauty, popular in the late '50s, and often compared to Marilyn Monroe. Novak has been in a number of movies, but a few of them stand out from the rest for their story lines, her costars, and her own acting abilities.

  1. "Vertigo"(1958)-This Alfred Hitchcock film is definitely the best Kim Novak movie, and not just because of her. James Stewart plays the detective with a fear of heights, who deals with erotic obsession. Kim Novak stole hearts, and messed with heads, in this film. It would cement her as a favorite of many fans and guarantee her fame.
  2. "The Man With The Golden Arm"(1955)-Another powerful drama, this one of the best Kim Novak movies takes on drug addiction. Frank Sinatra was nominated for an Academy Award for his role as Frankie Machine, a heroin addict forced to quit his habit cold turkey. The scenes of his withdrawal in Kim Novak's home are haunting and well acted.
  3. "Kiss Me, Stupid"(1964)-Although this movie didn't get the best critical acclaim, it is still one of the five best Kim Novak movies. This film proved that Novak was more than just a beauty for drama, but that she could pull out the quirky jokes and does well in comedy, too. With Dean Martin pretty much playing himself, a womanizing alcoholic, and Novak as a whore, the laughs and lewd jokes never stop.
  4. "Bell, Book and Candle"(1958)-James Stewart and Kim Novak pair up again in this movie, although now they take on humor instead of psychological mystery. Novak plays a witch in this movie who puts a spell on James Stewart. Although not as hilarious or dirty as "Kiss Me, Stupid", this film is supernatural and whimsical. Just perfect for a silly good time.
  5. "Pal Joey"(1957)-Based on the Broadway play, this musical gets a spot on the list of the five best Kim Novak movies. Although many songs were changed from the play, "Pal Joey" is still a fun musical. Sinatra and Novak team up again, this time with bright and dazzling musical numbers.


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