5 Best Kirsten Dunst Movies

It is very easy to name the 5 best Kirsten Dunst movies. Kirsten Dunst is an actress who is always on the verge of being a huge star in Hollywood. She is not quite a house hold name the way Julia Roberts or Jennifer Aniston are, but her name has been in plenty of big name movies out there that you are sure to know.

  1. Interview with the Vampire. This movie also starred Tom Cruse and Brad Pitt alongside Kristen Dunst who was only 10 years old during filming. She played a child vampire name Claudia in this 5 best Kirsten Dunst movie. But the highlight of the film was when she kissed Brad Pitt, it was a bit disturbing because Brad Pitt was 18 years her senior. Kirsten Dunst received great reviews for this movie, because her acting was superior for such a young actress.
  2. Jumanji. This 5 best Kirsten Dunst movie, which also starred Robin Williams and David Alan Grier, was about a board game centered around a jungle that magically came to life. Kristen Dunst played a young girl who helped Robin Williams' character free himself from the board game that trapped him inside 26 years earlier. Kristen Dunst was a solid character and held her own throughout the movie.
  3. Dick. This movie stared Kirsten Dunst along side Michelle Williams, who is the late Heath Ledger's baby mama. This very funny movie is about two 15 year old girls who somehow, without knowing, uncover the whole President Nixon Watergate scandal. The movie didn't gain a lot of success in theaters. However, "Dick" is a must see and is clearly one of Kristen Dunst's top 5 best movies.
  4. Bring it On. Starring Kirsten Dunst as the cheer captain of a high school cheer team from an upper class neighborhood, the squad battles an urban cheerleading group from Compton, California. The movie "Bring it On" was so popular that it was followed by 3 sequels, none of which Kristen Dunst appears in, but her role in the original gave her "pop culture" status.
  5. Spiderman 1, 2, and 3. Kristen Dunst plays Mary Jane Watson, the love interest of Spiderman, in all 3 movies. The Spider movies will always be Kirsten Dunst's best movies because they grossed the most money of any other movie she has ever been apart of and catapulted her into being one a true Hollywood starlet.
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