5 Best Kobe Bryant Commercials

Love him or hate him, here’s a list of the 5 best Kobe Bryant commercials. Over the past few years, Kobe Bryant has been at the center of a number of controversies. Before and after his personal struggles, Kobe has been in a number of product endorsement commercials. Below are the best Kobe Bryant commercials.

  1. Kobe Bryant for Nike “All together now.” With a cover of the classic Beatles tune “All Together Now” performed by Outkast’s Andre 3000, what’s not to like? This commercial features clips of Kobe playing interspersed with funny shots of cartoon looking characters who appear to be singing. There’s no commentary, but with all the court shots, there’s really no need. Simple and funky and one of Kobe’s best commercials.  
  2. Kobe Bryant for McDonalds. No one will forget the McDonald’s commercial where Kobe volunteers to be a substitute player for a group of little kids playing a championship basketball game. At the end of the commercial, one of the children pulls Kobe aside to tell him, “If we win we get to go to McDonald’s. So don’t blow it”. A fun commercial that showed a softer, more family friendly side of Kobe, pre-scandal.  
  3. Kobe Bryant for Spalding Infusion. This commercial doesn’t feature Kobe playing, but the futuristic "Star Trek"-inspired wardrobe of the “Spalding man” who tosses a ball to Kobe is funny enough to keep this commercial on the list. Who cares that the fusion basketball is perfectly useless? The commercial is amusing and that’s what we look for in a commercial, right?  
  4. Kobe Bryant for Nike’s Zoom Kobe III. One of Nike’s more inspired marketing campaigns, this commercial shows Kobe playing ball in Mozart-period attire. The commercial compares Kobe’s use of the Nike Zoom Kobe III shoe with Mozart’s use of musical notes. A reality stretch, of course! But it’s certainly interesting to see Kobe dressed up like Mozart.  
  5. Kobe Bryant for Nike “If you really want it.” Commentary spoken by Kobe, giving viewers a “If you really want it, you can do anything” message. One of Kobe’s more inspirational commercials, the clips show Kobe playing while he addresses the obstacles he’s faced including, critics, pain and failure. A strong commercial with a universal, Nike “Just do it!” message.

No matter how you feel about his personal life and the scandals he’s been involved in, thanks to good marketing you probably won’t forget the best Kobe Bryant commercials.

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