5 Best Korean Ballads

While some of you are getting sucked into your Korean dramas, here are the five best Korean ballads out there. While some of these ballads have complemented these aforementioned dramas, most of them are stand-alone singles of famous Korean artists. Most of these ballads have even withstood time, becoming classics of their own.  

  1. "Because I'm A Girl," Kiss.  In the music video to this ballad, boy meets girl, and their relationship eventually evolves into something special. But then a terrible accident occurs. The girl loses her eyesight, and the guy is left to consider his options. He decides to give his eyesight to the girl in an act of great sacrifice. Talk about commitment!
  2. "Jewel Song," BoA. This is BoA before she tried to hit it big in the states. The song starts out very innocent with BoA singing before a projector as she relives her memories. She asks, "Hey do you remember?" in English, and the phrase "You're my jewel" comes up periodically. This is a good song for thinking about a loved one or reliving memories.
  3. "Last Gift," Shinee. The song stands out with with a short piano interlude in the beginning. It is about a separation leaving the recipient of the breakup his last gift, which is his broken heart. The group has sung for the popular drama "Boys over Flowers." 
  4. "Amnesia," Gummy. The singer Gummy is known for her blues and R&B influences. Unlike her counterparts, Gummy's signature soulful voice can carry any tune and belt out any ballad.
  5. "Flower," Lee Soo Young. She is the queen of the Korean ballad. Many critics have noted that her voice is best meant for the ballad. Her music videos, at times, highly dramatic often times portray lost or sad loves.
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