5 Best Korean Erotic Movies

Korea has made a ton of erotic films, but what are the 5 best Korean erotic movies? Here are our picks.

  1. “Vegetarian.” The best Korean erotic movie to come out in recent years, this 2009 flick is about a sensitive housewife who decides to become a vegetarian. The transition opens up something deep within her, and she winds up having an affair with her sister’s artist husband.
  2. “Hypnotized.” “Hypnotized” might fit comfortably under the “psychological thriller” rubric, but it is also one of the best Korean erotic movies of all time. It tells the story of a mentally disturbed young woman who falls under the seductive influence of a psychotherapist.
  3. “Searching for the Elephant.” “Searching for the Elephant” is definitely one of the hottest Korean erotic movies we’ve seen in a while. It tells the story of a group of 30-something guys in Seoul, each of whom is struggling with a major issue. One of them is a sex addict, so you can see where all this is leading…
  4. “The Tales of Nights.” “The Tales of Nights” makes our list of the best Korean erotic movies for its plentiful hot sex scenes. Don’t miss!
  5. “Chang.” This Korean erotic movie is about a young woman who is tricked into working in a whorehouse in the big city. Unfortunately, she gets stuck there, and becomes one of the most famous whores in the red light district. But will she ever be able to get out of it and live the life that she really wants to live? The film sometimes appears in English under the title “Downfall.”



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