5 Best Korean Restaurants: Dallas

Love to eat Korean food and need to know the 5 best Korean restaurants in Dallas?  Take a break from the usual fast food venues and enjoy a real dining experience. If you don’t think you like Korean food, this guide may change your mind.

  1. Seoul Garden: A perfect Korean restaurant that serves every Korean entrée you can think of. It’s perfect for a date. Everything on the menu is very good. This is definitely a hidden gem on our 5 best Korean restaurants list. Expect to pay moderate prices or even a little more.  2502 Royal Lane, #103, Dallas, Texas 75229. 1 (972) 484-6090
  2. San Jang Korean Restaurant: They’re opened 24 hours every day except Sundays. It’s great for late night dining or if your date is starving after a night of clubbing. Well, you have to soak up the alcohol somehow. 11276 Harry Hines Boulevard, #102, Dallas, Texas 75229. 1 (972) 241-9006
  3. Woo Mee Oak: Okay, it’s a weird name. However, it’s one of our 5 best restaurants with the cheapest prices. You can find a delicious meal and full bar here. If you like barbecue, try it Korean style. 10560 Walnut Street, #200, Dallas, Texas 75243. 1 (972) 272-9909
  4. Chosun Kalbi: Excellent place for trying something new. They serve very good Korean entrees for both lunch and dinner. The lunch specials are a lot cheaper than the dinner entrees. So, if you’re going on a date, prepare to pay a little more at night. Guys, don’t be cheap and take her during lunch. 2560 Royal Lane # 105 Dallas, Texas 75229. 1 (972) 406-0087
  5. Korea House Restaurant and Club: This is our most expensive Korean restaurant on the 5 best Korean restaurants list. Expect to pay big bucks for your meals. They serve outstanding Korean dishes as well as sushi and sashimi. It’s a lovely place to spend some time with your date. Consider the endless possibilities of taking her here. Girls love expensive restaurants. 2598 Royal Lane, Dallas, Texas. 1 (972) 243-0434
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