5 Best Korean Restaurants: Houston

These are the 5 best Korean restaurants in Houston, Texas. On your next visit to Houston, visit any of them for a wonderful meal, especially if you've never tried Korean cuisine before.

  1. Bonga Korean Restaurant. Bonga serves traditional Korean cuisine. You just have to try the barbecued bulgogi and bibimbap! Also the kimchi and tofu. They're all favorites at this establishment. Dress code is casual. Atmosphere is casual and cozy. Bonga Korean Restaurant: 9861 Long Point Road, Houston, TX 77055.

  2. Korea Garden Restaurant. Korea Garden serves Korean and Asian cuisine. It has delicious beef dishes, like beef soup and BBQ beef ribs. You can prepare your own meal at your very own grill on the table. Dress is casual, and the atmosphere is family-friendy and casual with dim lighting. Korea Garden Restaurant: 9501 Long Point Road, Suite Z, Houston, TX 77055.

  3. Sam Bo Jung Restaurant. Sam Bo Jung serves traditional Korean cuisine and is located near the Sharpstown Center. You can get some great kimchi pancakes, bulgogi, and bibimbop there! Dress is casual, and the atmosphere is family-friendly and fun. Sam Bo Jung Restaurant: 7665 De Moss Drive, Houston, TX 77036.

  4. Seoul Garden Restaurant. This restaurant serves traditional Korean cuisine. It's located in the Spring Branch area. There's a private grill on each table! Try the Korean BBQ ribs for a real tasty meal. Dress and atmosphere are casual. It's also available for banquets. Seoul Garden Restaurant: 9446 Long Point Road, Houston, TX 77055.

  5. Seoul House. This restaurant serves casual and traditional Korean cuisine. Try the daegi bulgogi (thinly sliced, grilled, spicy pork) if you like hot! Dress and atmosphere are very casual and inviting. Seoul House: 10603 Bellaire Boulevard, Houston, TX 77072.



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