5 Best Korean Ringtones

If you love Asian music, then you'll adore the 5 best Korean ringtones. If you want your phone to help you express your love for the greatest chart-toppers from abroad, then these best Korean ringtones are for you. The following selections are based on their popularity and whether or not they'd make amazing Korean ringtones. Impress your friends and your coworkers the next time your phone goes off with the following selection of the best Korean ringtones!

  1. "Nobody" by The Wonder Girls. Combining jazzy R&B-inspired styling with their signature upbeat melodies, this is one of the best Korean ringtones out there. This song has a thumping bass beat, meaning that you're sure to hear it when your phone goes off. With a catchy chorus, everyone around you will be singing every time you get a call.
  2. "Candy" by H.O.T. This Korean hip-hop group is one of the biggest sensation's that's sweeping the nation at this time. Their single "Candy" features a catchy beat and a great hook that's sure to get everyone's attention, easily putting it in the running for one of the best Korean ringtones ever. If you're a fan of hip-hop from other countries, be sure to add this one to your phone.
  3. "Oh" by Girls' Generation. If you love super-happy Korean pop music, then this is one of the best Korean ringtones for you! This sensational singing group is one of the biggest acts to come out of the country, and this song lives up to their signature style! Expect fast beats, cute lyrics, and pleasant female vocals!
  4. "Lies" by Big Bang. For something a little mellower, this is one of those Korean ringtones that you just cannot pass up. It juxtaposes hard-hitting bass beats with a sweet piano theme, making it great for any electronica fan. Show your friends your diverse taste in music with this amazing Korean ringtone!
  5. "Sign" by Brown Eyed Girls. Another ensemble force in the Korean pop genre, this song is a shoe-in for being one of the best Korean ringtones ever! The melody is sweet and catchy, while the beat is thumping, almost brooding—all mixing together to make an amazing pop single. If you're looking for something different that will definitely garner some positive attention, this is one of the best Korean ringtones for you.
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