5 Best Kosher For Passover Wine Stores In Boro Park In Brooklyn Ny

Here you'll find the 5 best Kosher for Passover wine stores in Boro Park. When searching for the perfect wine to complete your Passover meal, look no further than these fantastic locations.

  1. A Touch of Spirit Liquors. One of the best Kosher for Passover wine stores in Boro Park, here you’ll find a blissfully updated version of the Kosher wine store you’re used to. 4720 16th Ave, Brooklyn, NY. 718-438-2409.
  2. Heights Chateau Wine & Liquor. Featuring a knowledgeable staff and featured selections, Heights Chateau is one of the best Kosher for Passover Wine Stores in Boro Park and makes it easy for you to pick out the perfect wine for your meal.  Their case discounts makes it affordable! 123 Atlantic Ave. at Clinton Street. (718) 330-0963.
  3. Paley Wines and Spirits. Location, variety and a helpful staff make Paley’s one of the best Kosher wine shops in Boro Park.  Here you’ll find outstanding selections that far surpass your traditional Passover wines.  Come here and try something new! 88 Seventh Ave. at Berkeley Place. (718) 857-7008.
  4. Scotto’s Wine Cellar. One of the oldest wine shops in brooklyn it’s also one of the best Kosher for Passover wine shops around.  You’ll also find wine tastings hosted here so you can find your favorites. 318 Court St. at Degraw Street. (718) 875-5530.
  5. Orlander H. Wines. You’ll find a great selection Kosher for Passover wines here at Orlander’s, and even more you’ll find owners that are very knowledgeable about the wines they sell. Also, on occasion in the back there will be little finds, happy searching! 4812 13th Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11219. (718) 436-1031
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