5 Best Kosher Restaurants: San Diego

Here are the 5 best kosher restaurants in San Diego. There aren't many kosher restaurants in San Diego, but luckily we were able to find these five fantastic locations. No matter where you are staying in the city, you will be able to find a kosher restaurant that hits the spot!

  1. Cafe Chabad Cafe Chabad is one of the best kosher restaurants in San Diego. This location serves a wide variety of foods ranging from Jewish cuisine to Eastern European cuisine to bakery items. Cafe Chabad:16934 Chabad Wy. Poway, CA 92064. (858) 451-0455
  2. The Place The Place specializes in a wide variety of ethnic cuisine including Asian, Middle Eastern and Israeli. Items you can find on their menu include chicken, steak, sandwiches and salads. The Place is a small restaurant located inside of a kosher market. The Place: 6499 El Cajon Blvd. San Diego, CA 92115. (619) 286-6499
  3. Pasha Mediterranean Cafe & Grill Pasha Mediterranean Cafe & Grill has a menu that is comprised of fresh, wholesome and nutritious ingredients. Some items you will find on the menu at Pasha include a wide variety of salads, healthy sandwiches and many shish kebab entrees. Pasha Mediterranean Cafe & Grill: 3614 Fifth Ave. San Diego, CA 92103. (619) 294-4444
  4. Orly's Cafe Orly's Cafe serves a wide variety of food items, including breakfast, bakery items and pizza! You will find pomodora and primavera pasta, salads, soups, waffles and french toast at Orly's. Orly's Cafe: 6140 Regents Rd. San Diego, CA 92122. (858) 622-9607
  5. Schmoozers Dairy Restaurant The final restaurant on our list of the five best kosher restaurants is Schmoozers Dairy Restaurant. This restaurant is known for their Italian and Mexican cuisine. Items that you can find include pizza, lasagna, nachos and tacos.  Schmoozers Dairy Restaurant. 6366 El Cajon Blvd. San Diego, CA 92115. (619) 583-1636
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