5 Best Krav Maga DVDs

The 5 best Krav Maga DVDs cover the specific topics with advice, direction and demonstration. Krav Maga is the official combat hand to hand fighting routine for the Israeli military. Krav Maga, which means ‘contact combat’, is a system of techniques for self-defense, military tactics and fitness. Krav Maga is a very intensive fighting skill with often time brutal results; as such, it is a military and police force training mechanism across the world.

  1. "Krav Maga Federation Head Instructor Eyal Yanilov US Chief Instructor Darren Levine": This complete DVD set will walk you through the basic steps of Krav Maga to hand to hand combat. The DVDs are set up with actor portrayed scenarios and instructor lead dictation. This is the most complete set of Krav Maga available.
  2. "Krav Maga Personal Protection: The Israeli Method of Close-Quarters Fighting Combat": This DVD is for the more advanced fighter, as some of the moves can lead to serious injury or death. This DVD will show you step by step how to incapacitate or kill an opponent for personal defense. The DVD is constructed well with real life scenarios and reactions to most any predicament.
  3. "Krav Maga Worldwide Fitness Program": This instructor lead video will step you through the Krav Maga fitness regiment in full detail. Each fitness exercise or technique is built to work a certain area or maneuver to improve flexibility, control and concentration. The routines will also work your cardio and muscle building techniques.
  4. "Krav Maga Force Training DivisionCommando": Another advanced training video that provides vital step by step self defense mechanics to drop an assailant in his steps. The instruction is advanced, fluid and brutally to the point. The actors are well trained, attack and defend with precision and intent, all of which is highlighted by expert teaching along the way.
  5. "Alberto Merlo IPPKrav Maga Home Study Course": This DVD set is a group instruction from one of the foremost leading instructors in Krav Maga. This DVD concentrates on self-defense and hand to hand combat with a nice basic overview and initial training guide to get you ready for some advanced activities. The training is very well detailed and the experienced trainer offers bits of advice and real world documentary.
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