5 Best Kristen Bell Movies

She made her debut on Broadway before appearing in various television shows, but if the 5 best Kristen Bell movies are any indication, this actress has staying power. Kristen Bell is a vegetarian and was an outspoken advocate for both the Obama campaign and the Writer’s Guild strikes. She appeals to woman because she comes across as such a down-to-earth person, both beautiful and simple, and men flock to her for the same simplicity and her brilliant comedic timing. It probably doesn’t hurt that she is absolutely stunning and doesn’t even know it. The best Kristen Bell movies showcase her unparalleled sense of humor, her gorgeous figure, and her complete and utter willingness to do anything.

  1. "Fanboys" Kristen Bell has single-handedly made men and woman alike realize that it is socially acceptable to be nerdy in what we consider her best film to date. The movie, set in 1998, focuses on a group of childhood friends that have grown apart through the years. They decide to go on one last adventure to George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch to steal a copy of "Star Wars: Episode I" before its release. Bell, chucking her signature blonde locks for a darker coif, radiates sexiness even in her jeans and T-shirt, “one of the guys” costuming. Of course, she also becomes every fanboy’s dream when she dons that signature gold bikini in the film's final scene. Originally shot in 2007, the movie was not released until February of 2009 due to various re-shoots. Though the film itself was little known, it is gem to Star Wars fans, and a Star Trek junkie with a sense of humor can also find the brilliance in the themes. George Lucas himself approved the film before its release.
  2. "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" Joining Judd Apatow’s fraternity of comedic geniuses proved to be a smart endeavor for Bell, whose fame skyrocketed after the release of this raunchy and yet somehow moving romantic comedy. Though unexpected in the genre, the film seemed to appeal to both male and female audiences, becoming a perfect date movie, appealing to a woman’s need for romance and a man’s need for comedy… and nudity, though the use of nudity in the film is surely unexpected. Bell is comedic brilliance in the role of self-centered starlet Sarah Marshall. Anyone who can make such an unforgivably terrible character likeable gets mad props for talent. She also oozes sexiness, appearing in little more than bikinis for half the film.
  3. "Reefer Madness" Kristen Bell originated the role of Mary Lane in a stage production of this made for TV movie musical. Showing off both a powerful set of pipes and her amazing sense of comedy, Bell helped make this movie one of the best and funniest films ever made about marijuana use. That’s tough company to keep. She also dazzles in the period wardrobe of the original 1936 anti-marijuana propaganda film.
  4. "Spartan" This 2004 thriller marked Bell’s first theatrical film release, and though the movie, written and directed by theatre heavyweight David Mamet, was widely overlooked, it generated generally positive reviews by critics. Bell’s performance as the kidnapped daughter of a high-ranking government official was electrifying, and generated much needed buzz to help boost the actress' career.
  5. "Fifty Pills" This independent film, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, is about a college student who has to sell ecstasy tablets in order to stay in school, after losing his scholarship for throwing a party that he was not involved in. Bell co-stars as the girl of his dreams, and a motivating factor in his desire to stay in school. The film is both funny and serious, and features stand-out performances by all the young actors involved in the production, as well as Jane Lynch of "Glee."

Though comedy is obviously her niche, Kristen Bell’s best movies also convey the talent and experience expected of a graduate of the prestigious Tisch School of Drama at New York University. With three more films in production, we haven’t seen the last of this actress.

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