5 Best LA Running Routes

Interested in the 5 best LA running routes? Los Angeles offers some terrific trails specifically for joggers. Some are more difficult than others but all offer scenic routes, which of course make it more fun to run or jog.

  1. The Grove. This 10-mile grid course is one of the best LA running routes due to its wrapping through and around the Grove district. The route zigzags a bit through the neighborhood, but overall the trail is moderate in difficulty.
  2. Amir's Garden. This trail, while only a mile in length, is still one of the best LA running routes because the landscaping is breathtaking. There are rock-inclined paths, benches and stairways leading into the garden. It is a tremendous running or jogging trail with the difficulty level at easy to moderate.
  3. Arroyo Seco Trail. Is one of the best LA running routes namely because of its history. The trail once was a park and the city later decided to make a parkway which lead through the park and is now the multi-purpose trail for joggers, runners and hikers. The total distance is eight miles and the level of difficult is easy to moderate.
  4. Walk for Health Trail. This is one of the best LA running routes clearly because of its natural terrain and short length of only two miles. It is near the Los Angeles International Airport. However, the trail is in Baldwin Hills Park with a lake picnic tables and children's playground making it an extremely eye-pleasing route.
  5. Ballona Lagoon Marine Preserve. This trail's distinct location makes it one of the best LA running routes. It's within a 16.3 acres of natural saltwater where the tide meets the stream between Hurricane Street and Marina Del Rey Harbor Channel. The course itself is 2.4 miles in length and has an easy to moderate, difficult level. There are intersections and the path is in an urban area, so it is not a secluded trail.








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