5 Best Lacrosse Defense Sticks

The 5 best lacrosse defense sticks aren’t really the same as the best attack or midfield sticks. What makes lacrosse defense sticks good is a bit different than what offensive players are looking for. Typically speaking, defensive lacrosse players want lacrosse defense sticks to be a bit heavier in the shaft and stiffer in the head because the objective is less about keeping the ball and more about taking it away.

  1. STX Bionic. This head is great for lacrosse defensive sticks because it is very rigid and offers a wide catching area. This stick is perfect for young defensive players.
  2. Brine E3. This is another strong head with a wider catching area. This too is great for lacrosse defensive sticks.
  3. STX XCalibur. This head is strong and rigid but narrower than the above choices for more accurate passing. This is a great head for lacrosse defensive sticks for more advanced players.
  4. Warrior Stiffi. As the name suggests, this head is very rigid and will not break easily. Like the above head, it’s on the narrow side, so this is better for more advanced players. Using a slightly narrower head will help for throwing on clears and help keep the ball safe from riding attackmen.
  5. Warrior Titanium Shaft. For lacrosse defensive sticks you want a heavy and durable shaft; something that will let you inflict a hurting on some attackmen without breaking or being too heavy to use. For this style of play, a warrior classic titanium shaft is the best option around.     
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