5 Best Lacrosse Goalie Sticks

The 5 best lacrosse goalie sticks will help you to obtain better ball control as you do your darndest to stop all the flying lacrosse balls that will be shot in your direction. These are sticks that you will want in your possession before any lacrosse game that you play in the future. While sticks may be more commonly thought of for regular players, goalies need to be able to handle the ball, too.

  1. Warrior Zoo Complete Lacrosse Goalie Stick. The best lacrosse goalie stick is this beast because it features a huge enough ball-catching area to stop most any shot, or at least drastically increase your chances of doing so. At only four pounds, it should also prove not to be heavy enough to cause any problems and, instead, allow you to wield it with all the ease of a pro.
  2. Gait Vault BOX Complete Goalie Lacrosse Stick. If you have ever been disgusted by previous lacrosse goalie sticks that featured a too-small save area, then worry no more. This is the second-best lacrosse goalie stick due to its larger save area that will enable you to make saves with greater confidence. You will also be empowered to pick the lacrosse ball up with greater ease, due to the modified ground attack angle that is designed onto the stick.
  3. STX Eclipse Men's Complete Lacrosse Goalie Stick. This lacrosse goalie stick features the very first open sidewall design. It belongs on the third spot on this list because it rivals regular player attack sticks for sheer passing accuracy and quickness. So when you are tending your goal, you have the benefit of not only making saves, but then also of passing the ball quickly to your attacking players for scoring chances.
  4. Warrior Voidlyte Complete Men's Goalie Lacrosse Stick. For anyone who appreciates lightness in their goalie sticks, this is the lacrosse goalie stick to purchase. It can boast that it features the lightest goalie head around at only 9.3 ounces in weight. This stick deserves the fourth spot on this list since its design actually makes it lighter without penalizing players by reducing strength or power.
  5. Brine Money Complete Goalie Lacrosse Stick. This is the fifth-best lacrosse goalie stick because it is the most economical. However, that does not mean it is poor on features. It comes with ultra mesh on its aluminum goalie-length shaft. It also features an offset design so that you can enjoy performance along with control as you play.
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