5 Best Lacrosse Stick Bags

The 5 best lacrosse stick bags are all about space and organization. Durability is also an important feature with lacrosse stick bags. Depending on the type of stick you carry, the bag will vary.

  1. Harrow Blitz 4000 Backpack. This lacrosse stick bag is excellent for transporting all lacrosse equipment needs for individual players. It has adjustable stick holders which is great for any player's type of stick – defensive or attack. This lacrosse stick bag also is compartmentalized for organizing a busy life.
  2. Harrow Blitz 4000 Deluxe Stick Bag. This bag was built with water resistant material. Its the perfect example of durability mixed with a versatile advantage. Its perfect for lacrosse sticks, but can also be used for field hockey sticks.
  3. STX Wheelie Bag 34". This lacrosse stick bag has practically everything a lacrosse player could ask for. Its long, has durable wheels and straps, and several compartments for all your belongings. The lacrosse bag is built with the toughest materials which helps with traveling.
  4. deBeer Chaos Wheelie Duffle Bag. This lacrosse bag is superb for carrying sticks around. It has a U-shaped opening which aids in fitting all lacrosse equipment in the bag. It also comes with a side shoe compartment, and other smaller compartments for various items.
  5. Under Armour Medium Team Duffle. This is the type of lacrosse bag that spans across different sports arenas. With its oversized design, its easy to throw in your equipment and go. A great feature about this bag is its wet-dry tunnel pocket. It can dry off any wet lacrosse gear faster than a typical bag.
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