5 Best Lacrosse Stick Heads

Lax players who generally know what they want would have no problem choosing the 5 best Lacrosse stick heads out on the market today.   Lacrosse sticks come in a dizzying number of shapes, size, length, width and even color.  Nevertheless, choosing the best lacrosse stick head that would work well with you lean heavily on league rules, your gender, your skill, your position, and, of course, personal preference.  Here are some of the best Lacrosse Stick Heads:

  1.  STX Men’s X3 Lacrosse Head – The X3 Lacrosse head throws well, scoops the ground balls well, and gives the player awesome ball control.  Its 10° design, which does take a bit of getting used to, allows for quicker release and better hand positioning.  Lightweight at 132 grams, it has an extra stiffness and strength, which makes it perfect for a defensive play.
  2. Warrior Men's Revolution X Lacrosse Unstrung Head– Aside from its very strong point of being low priced, The Revolution X Lacrosse Unstrung is not lacking in features.   Although, leaning a bit on the heavy side (lighter sticks mean higher price) it throws well and offers a good balance. This is the best Lacrosse Head Stick for men who prefer a heavy gear.
  3. STX Men's Proton Power Strung Lacrosse Head – The Proton Power Strung Lacrosse head is designed to have maximum ball control with pinpoint accuracy.  Its throws are simply amazing and shots made are awesome. 
  4. Nike Men's Dunk Carolina Unstrung Lacrosse Head – The Dunk Carolina Unstrung Lacrosse Head is specifically designed for the advanced attack players (meaning, it won’t be any use to beginners). Get more pocket control and increase your chances of making accurate shots for a reasonable price – not bad for one of the 5 Best lacrosse Stick Heads, huh?
  5. STX Men's Deuce Red Black Unstrung Lacrosse Head– What’s best with the Deuce Red Black Unstrung Lacrosse Head is the durability you get for a good value.  It never breaks and has a nice pinch.  The patented elastomer overmold greatly helps in controlling the ball.  Its awesome design optimizes ball retention and enables the lacrosse player to pass and shoot the ball with minimal effort, making it one of the 5 Best Lacrosse Head Sticks. 
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