5 Best Lacrosse Stick Shafts

Want to know the 5 best lacrosse stick shafts? Lacrosse is a game first played by American Indians and it's now played by athletes all over the world. Lacrosse is played by two teams who try to score points. The lacrosse ball is thrown into the other team's goal by a racquet. Since you can't touch the ball with your hands, you need a special racquet to throw, retrieve or catch the ball. The racket comes with a net attached by a shaft. The shaft should be made of lightweight and strong material. Here's the best stick shafts for lacrosse.

  1. Adidas X99 Magnesium Lacrosse Attack Stick This Adidas model is made with magnesium, an alloy that is both lightweight and strong. The black chrome shaft has rubber grips for easy handling. With a length of 31-1/2 inches, you'll have all the torque you need to go after the ball. This lacrosse stick comes in an octagon shape.
  2. Maverik Se7en 30" Lacrosse Shaft This lacrosse stick shaft comes with an aluminum alloy shaft. It's considered a low-weight but high performance lacrosse stick. The Se7en logo is clearly seen on the entire shaft. It stands out with the bold black, sky blue or gray coloring of your choice. This lacrosse stick is one of Maverik's newest defense products.
  3. Warrior Geoff Snider Enforcer 3 The Warrior weighs less than six grams. It stands out because of its unique and eye-catching graphics. This lightweight shaft will increase your game power. Designed by pro Geoff Snider, the Warrior is your lacrosse stick for major game enforcement.
  4. Brine F22 60" Lacrosse Shaft This lacrosse stick shaft is built to last. It stands up to tough games and delivers results. The Brine has a 7075 alloy shaft that is strong and easy to handle. It comes in orange or green with cool graphics fit for a pro. Reviews are favorable for durability and strength. It's one of the best stick shafts for defense.
  5. STX Scandium Pro 30" Lacrosse Shaft The STX is your weapon for optimal control. The shaft is made of STX alloy, a metal that is both lightweight and durable. The concave octagon shape is ideal for easy handling and gripping. This stick comes in gray, red, sky blue, orange, gold and royal. Scandium also features other products that make the grade for best lacrosse stick shafts.
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