5 Best Lady Gaga Songs

It seems that every ten minutes a radio station is playing one of the five best Lady Gaga songs.  These songs get stuck in your head because of their catchy lyrics and up beat tempo.  Lady Gaga's music inspires people to get out of their seat and dance.  According to billboard music charts, Lady Gaga 's album "The Fame" has been on the charts for over 70 weeks.  Lady Gaga also has an album "The Monster Fame" that was released November 18, 2009, that has showed her great success.  Here are the five best Lady Gaga songs:

  1. "Poker Face." One can't keep a poker face when listening to this song.  One of the most popular of the five best Lady Gaga songs.  Played in dance clubs everywhere. "Poker Face" spent 62 weeks on billboard music charts and peaked at number one for nine strong weeks.
  2. "Just Dance." The title says it all, another dance hit in the five best Lady Gaga songs. "Just Dance" was released the lead single for Lady Gaga's album "The Fame" on April 8, 2008.  It spent over five months on the billboard charts to steal the number one spot for three weeks.
  3. "Paparazzi." Although not as popular as the other five best Lady Gaga songs, this slightly slower tempo song still did quite well. "Paparazzi" spent 27 weeks on billboard music charts and managed to make the number one spot on the top radio songs chart.
  4. "Bad Romance." This song is sure to get stuck in the head.  One of the most current of the five best Lady Gaga songs. "Bad Romance" is still currently on the charts, it has peaked at the number two spot on the Hot 100 Billboard Chart and it has made it to the number one spot on the Billboard Top Pop Songs Chart.  We will surely be hearing more of this song.
  5. "Telephone." A song with Lady Gaga and Beyonce is sure to make the best five Lady Gaga songs. "Telephone" is on the  Hot 100 Billboard Chart and is climbing charts everywhere.  An unlikely duo that has people dancing and singing along.



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