5 Best Lap Dog Breeds

For those lovers of small breed dogs, there may be no better companion, physically or mentally, than a dog and knowing the 5 best lap dog breeds means that you will select just the right dog to warm your lap. Lap dogs come in all shapes and temperaments so matching the right canine to your wants and needs is key to ensuring a long, happy life with your new dog pal. Regardless of the size, a lap dog should probably be under fifteen pounds or so for the most comfortable warmth provided without crushing your legs. And, every single dog breed out there has a rescue group, so don't go to a pet shop and pick up that cute Toto dog. Doing some research and rescuing a dog will give you a feeling of goodwill and warmth as your new best friend contently climbs onto your lap.

  1. If you're single or a family of two, a small pug is just right for a lap dog. Pugs tend to attach themselves to just one person, perhaps two if you work at it, so this is not the best lap dog breed for a large family. Pugs also tend to bond more to humans than to dogs, so they don't necessarily integrate themselves into a pack. But, if you're looking for a lap potato, you probably don't have to go much farther than the Pug. Beware though, Pugs will shed all year and have you wondering where all that hair can possible come from.
  2. Coming in at a ten on the yappy scale is the Chihuahua. Chihuahuas make wonderful pets but tend to have a Napoleon complex going on, so obedience lessons are needed to keep this lap dog happy. And, the more Alpha you are, the happier your Chi will be lying around on your lap. This dog breed does need frequent exercise, though, as they tend to be high-strung. So, make sure you're up for some walks twice a day.
  3. Consider getting a miniature poodle and you've got yourself one of the smarter lap dog breeds. Poodle's intelligence is underestimated as they're among the brightest of the canine breeds. A miniature poodle will top out at about ten pounds and provide hours of entertainment as they tend to be clowns. You can also easily teach a poodle useful commands, such as "get the remote." Poodles also have a single layer coat so they don't shed nearly as much as other dog breeds.
  4. If you're looking for a low shedding lap dog breed, go for a Miniature Schnauzer. Miniature Schnauzers are quite affectionate and playful so if you have younger children, this might be the canine friend for you. Equally as at home on a lap as in a yard, this dog will split his time between activity and being a lap potato.
  5. For style and looks, you probably can't do better than a white Maltese. Maltese dogs are gorgeous, friendly canines, but you will have to become friends with your local groomer as they require frequent grooming to stay white, fluffy and untangled. Get a dog brush and spend a few moments everyday combing this breed's hair for the best results.


Perhaps the best lab dog breed of all time is a pedigreed-challenged (aka mutt) dog whose personality and looks combine all of the best from those dogs above. Look to your local dog shelter to find just the right lap dog. Make a list of qualities you like from the above breeds and talk to the adoption coordinator at your animal shelter to match you up with just the perfect dog. Just because they're mutts doesn't mean that they're equally, if not more, wonderful than a pure bred.

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