5 Best Laundry Detergent Brands

There are loads of good consumer products on the market today, but what do you think are the 5 best laundry detergent brands that people swear by? With all of the different choices of laundry detergents out there–some with bleach, others that have oxygen action, or some that are environmentally safe and ultra-concentrated–it's hard to choose which might be the right one for your household.

  1. Tide. One of the most popular and well known laundry detergents of all time is Tide. It is available in many different variations including liquid or powder, a cold water formula, a formula with bleach, and one with Febreze. It's been estimated that Tide costs a consumer around 37 cents a load, so it's also fairly cost efficient.
  2. Gain. Gain laundry detergent also comes in a variety of formulas and is said to have one the freshest scents that lingers well on clothes laundered in it. Gain powder detergent costs anywhere from 13 to 15 cents per wash load, which is very inexpensive for how well the detergent works. Gain liquid is a bit more expensive, but is also produced with a higher concentration so you actually use less per wash. Gain also offers a detergent with bleach formula for extra stain fighting.
  3. All. All laundry detergents average around 20 cents per load and are now produced in higher concentration liquid only formulas. With the high concentration laundry detergents, you actually do use a smaller amount to launder clothes. All provides a formula that is good for people with allergies called All Free and Clear. It also offers a stain lifting formula, but "Consumer Reports" has stated that while it does work on stained clothes, it does not work as well as Tide's stain removing abilities.
  4. Country Save. The detergent Country Save was initially produced for laundering cloth diapers as it is a gentle formula laundry soap. Once people began seeing how well it removed odors and stains from a baby's cloth diapers, they began using it to launder all of their laundry. This detergent has no fragrance, dye or phosphates. The only drawbacks to this laundry detergent brand is that it costs a bit more (approximately 35 cents per load), and is not available in all areas so you may have to order it online.
  5. Seventh Generation. This detergent is considered the best eco-friendly laundry soap. It costs as little as 19 cents per load, and has a strong fan base for its green customers. It offers a concentrated formula that is fragrance-free, dye-free and free of phosphates. This is another hard to find detergent as it's not sold in all stores, so you may have to shop around for it, or purchase it online if you cannot find it locally.
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