5 Best Laundry Room Organizers

No matter the size, laundry rooms are easier to work in when one of the five best laundry room organizer tips is put into use. Without some kind of a system, this simple chore can turn into a nightmare. Listed below are some ways to make doing laundry an easier task with one of the five best laundry room organizer tips.

  1. Setting a schedule can really help with this weekly chore. The idea is to wash different types of clothes on different days of the week. Assuming room permits, you should have a laundry basket for each type of clothing. Try washing dark clothes on Monday, white clothes on Tuesday and delicates on Wednesday. This leaves the rest of the week free from washing. Of course, making a schedule to suit your own needs is the important thing here. This is especially helpful if you have a large family. Make a copy of the schedule and be sure all family members have access to it.
  2. Fold or hang laundry on hangers as soon as they are taken from the dryer. When clothes have completed drying all too often they are put in a big pile only to sit there for days and get wrinkled again. But if they are put away immediately, you will have less wrinkled clothes and a lot more space.
  3. Laundry rooms with cabinets are a great tool to stay organized. Depending on how large the cabinets are, this is a great place to store the laundry detergent, softener, starch, bleach, stain remover and what-ever else you may use. If you have an iron, this is also an excellent place store such items. Ironing boards can be mounted to the wall or even to the back of the door.
  4. If you have wire shelves instead of cabinets, a shelf extender is an option for adding more space. Using the “ClosetMaid” hanging basket system will add about two feet of extra space to you cabinets.  You can also attach it to any wire shelving you may already have making installation easy.
  5. Folding tables are a great item to have when folding laundry. This will help keep you laundry in one place while folding it and give you a space to stack clothes while they're waiting to be folded.
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