5 Best Legs On CNN

News anchors are famous for revealing their sexuality through their exposed legs, and this list of the 5 best legs on CNN proves just how powerful that small bit of flesh can be. While typically confined by workplace and professional attire, these women manage through understatement and subtlety the fine art of carnal suggestion with nothing more racy than a mid-cut skirt. 

  1. Shanon Cook is an entertainment reporter for CNN, interviewing and profiling primarily musicians and Hollywood actors and actresses. She also hosts her own entertainment segment on CNN. While her legs are a thing of delicate feminine beauty, it is her button-cute looks and flowing blonde-auburn hair which breaks the hearts of political aficionados across the globe.
  2. Robin Meade hosts the show Morning Express with Robin Meade on HLN, a division of CNN, and has appeared often on CNN covering various news stories. Meade is a deeply tanned, fiery-eyed sex rabbit who was named by Playboy as the sexiest newscaster on television in 2004. She often displays her ample torso, and her lustrous hamstrings comprise some of the best legs while on television. All in all, she conveys an aura of spicy zest that probably does not do any harm to her ratings.
  3. Brooke Anderson is an entertainment anchor for CNN, and routinely covers large arts events such as the Sundance Film Festival and the Academy Awards. Thin, blonde, with a dash of sweet good looks to complement her overwhelming sexuality, Anderson clearly has some of the best legs on CNN.
  4. Christi Paul reports mostly on daily news in the afternoons. She has become notorious for having the best legs, with countless online videos and photos dedicated to various shots of her in tight, short dresses with crossed legs that accentuate the smooth and creamy flesh of her calves and her thighs. Aside from her work as a newscaster, she is also a noted singer.
  5. Susan Hendricks is a reporter for CNN Headline News, based out of Atlanta, and occasionally fills in for Robin Meade on her morning show. While she has some of the best legs to ever grace a news show, it is her calves specifically which draw the lust and mouthwatering desire of watchers everywhere. They are full, shapely, erotic in their very design, in a way that calves never seem to be, and leave but a tantalizing hint at what more may lie hidden beneath that reporter's outfit.
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