5 Best Legs On TV

Men love looking at a woman’s legs so here are the 5 best legs on TV. The best legs on TV are not listed in any particular order. The women listed below are well known to the fans who watch a lot of television. If all women had legs like the women listed below, our husbands/boyfriends would stay happy forever. Seriously, this is just an observation for men that like looking at the best legs on TV.

  1. Paris Hilton may be skinny as they come but she has a great looking pair of legs. Her legs are long and slender. When she wears short skirts or tight jeans, she struts her legs like no ones business. Paris Hilton is always camera ready and for good reason. She knows she has photogenic legs and proves it every time she poses for the cameras. Paris Hilton has taken so many photos and starred in a few great movies.
  2. Kelly Monaco from "General Hospital" makes the list of the 5 best legs on TV because she has legs that women would kill to have. Her dresses she wears really shows off her curvy legs. Kelly Monaco looks great in short skirts and high heel shoes. Kelly is also very photogenic and appeared and won "Dancing With The Stars."
  3. Marcia Cross is another woman who has the top 5 best legs on TV. When she wears a dress, men’s mouths drop and they begin to drool. Marcia Cross is not shy when she poses for the camera. She is not only camera ready with her beauty but has the best legs TV has to offer. Marcia Cross appears on "Desperate Housewives." on ABC.
  4. Melissa Claire Egan from "All My Children" shows that she has the best legs for TV when she wears a short skirts. Older women can show off their beauty too. When she shows her legs in a bikini or dress, it gives women hope that they can look that good.
  5. Jennifer Love Hewitt actor from "Ghost Whisperer." Jennifer is beautiful and sexy in any role she plays. Her legs are very toned and fit. Young women envy her good looks and charm. TV has never seen a more beautiful woman.
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