5 Best Lens Cleaners

Anyone, who wants to have sparkly lenses, should try one of the 5 best lens cleaners. 

  1. Purosol All Natural Lens Cleaner. This lens cleaner leaves lenses clean without leaving streaks. This cleaner is also safe to use and will not damage lenses. Having a dust repellent makes this one of the five best lens cleaners.
  2. Bausch & Lomb Pre Moistened Lens Cleaning Tissues. This lens cleaner is super convenient because it comes in pre moistened and individually wrapped lens cleaning tissues. These lens cleaning tissues can be used on plastic or glass lenses. Having anti fog protection is why this is one of the best lens cleaners.
  3. EyeMagine Eyeglass Spray Cleaner. This lens cleaner is not only great for cleaning glasses, but also for cleaning binoculars, TVs, an computer screens. This lens cleaner is also safe to use on anti reflective lenses. Being environmentally and ozone friendly is why this is one of the best lens cleaners.
  4.  Pro Lens Spray Cleaner. This lens cleaner works great on plastic, glass, and polycarbonate lenses. This cleaner gets glass lenses so clean that many people forget they are even wearing glasses. Being able to clean lenses without leaving a residue is why this is one of the best lens cleaners.
  5. Zeiss lens Cleaner. People love this lens cleaner because it can be used on glasses, TVs and LCD monitors. This lens cleaner is ammonia free, so it leaves less streaks on lenses than other cleaners.  Being safe to use on multi coated lenses is why this is one of the best lens cleaners.



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