5 Best Lesbian Movie Scenes

The 5 Best Lesbian Movie Scenes is like giving a man a buffet and telling him to only pick out five foods. Can it be done? Can the list be narrowed down to only 5 Best Lesbian Movie Scenes? Because, to be quite honest, there isn't really such thing as a bad lesbian movie scene. Oh well, here are five amazing ones although they are merely five that come to mind:


  1. "Wild Things"– A great scene with two of the hottest women in Hollywood involved in a threesome which also sends a little bit of the action their way as well with a hot and steamy scene. As a matter of fact, check out the sequels as well because they are Best Lesbian Scene quality as well.
  2. "Cruel Intentions" – This one raised a lot of controversy when it first came out and Sarah Michelle Gellar is absolutely hot in this movie. Pick this one up if Lesbian Scenes do it for you, it is absolutely amazing.
  3. "The Sweetest Thing" – Definitely a faux lesbian scene but hot nonetheless. Even thinking about Cameron Diaz going down on the chick from "Married… With Children" is an idea that will stir up… emotions. Hot Lesbian Scene which you will like nonetheless.
  4. "American Pie 2" – Everybody remembers when Stifler thinks that two really hot chicks are lesbians for no bigger reason than holding hands. That kiss is an amazing Lesbian Movie Scene which very well may have sent millions of teenagers into puberty years too early. And may be the reason for teen pregnancy… Whatever the case, this is a top 5 Lesbian Movie Scene we can all love and cherish.
  5. "Imagine Me and You" – Nothing more to say about this except "Oh my God!" These chicks are insanely hot and make for two of the hottest faux lesbians that I have ever seen. Something about two chicks going at it is always hot, this is a given, but these chicks are so into it that you can't do anything but just stare in amazement. It is always good to see women who strive to do their best at their job and this definitely is one of those moments.

Those 5 Lesbian Scenes are just a small portion of what the movie industry has given to us. When people say that movies allow people to live out there fantasies, it is a fact that they are all talking about the moments such as this that nobody wants to bring up. During these Lesbian Scenes, every guy will close their eyes and imagine themselves right in the middle of these two women. This, for one second, will give him the ultimate satisfaction that all guys dream about. He will then promptly rewind the video and watch it again, you need the full experience you know? And to this men, salute yourself!

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