5 Best Lesbian Movies Made By Women

The five best lesbian movies made by women explore the lives and loves of women who fall in love with each other within the story. These lesbian movies capture the trials and triumphs that the women endure throughout their lives. Some of the best women directors, actors and/or writers have made these lesbian films also to represent the reality of their stories which sometimes never see mainstream audiences. The best lesbian movies help to display the complex and diverse women who interact, love and live with each other. Here are the best five lesbian movies made by women:

  1. "Better Than Chocolate" (1999). Anne Wheeler directed this movie about two women, Maggie and Kim, who meet in Vancouver. They share a lesbian romance that gets complicated when Maggie's conservative mother moves in with them after a divorce.
  2. "If These Walls Could Talk 2" (2000). An all-star cast stars and directs this TV movie about a trio of lesbian lives and stories throughout the decades. Jane Anderson, Martha Coolidge, and Anne Heche made each of the three segments that starred Sharon Stone, Vanessa Redgrave, Nia Long, and Michelle Williams.
  3. "Desert Hearts" (1985). Director Donna Deitch made this adaptation of Jane Rule's novel about a love affair that springs in 1950s Nevada. A newly divorced professor finds herself drawn to a rancher's daughter who is out and open about her lesbian identity and feelings unlike her. 
  4. "When Night is Falling" (1995). Patricia Rozena wrote and directed this movie involving two unlikely women who fall in love with each other. The local carnival in town brings together a conservative university professor and a free-spirited young woman that works there.
  5. "Loving Annabelle" (2006). Katherine Brooks directed a coming-of-age tale set in a Catholic girls school. Annabelle, fresh from two expulsions, finds more than she bargains for with her English teacher, Simone, in more ways than one.
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