5 Best Lesbians Falling In Love Movies

The five best movies with lesbians falling in love explore the intimate bonds two women form as they find mutual love and affection. These movies showcase lesbians of different backgrounds who in the unlikeliest situations are falling love. The best movies also display how their lesbian characters' friend and family also deal with the situations of falling in love. The one thing is clear that the universal truth of falling in love changes everyone's lives and these lesbians are no different. Here are the five best movies with lesbians falling in love:

  1. "Desert Hearts" (1985). A newly divorced professor heads out to Reno, Nevada, during the 1950's to start over. She meets with a rancher's daughter and begins to slowly fall in love with her.
  2. "Saving Face" (2004). Wil, a Chinese-American lesbian, finds love with her hospital boss' daughter who is a dancer. Things in her personal life get complicated when her widowed mother shows up pregnant out of wedlock and banished by her grandfather. 
  3. "When Night is Falling" (1995). The local carnival becomes the unlikely backdrop for a lesbian love affair between two women. A university professor becomes attracted to a free spirited woman who works there. 
  4. "Better Than Chocolate" (1999). Two young lesbians, Maggie and Kim, meet and fall in love with each other in Vancouver. Their lives are disrupted when Maggie's mother moves in with them after a divorce.
  5. "The Gymnast" (2006). A talented gymnast, Jane, losses her ability after a life-altering injury that forces her to take a job as a massage therapist and live with an empty marriage. She finds a reawakening in more ways than one by joining the Cirque Du Soleil to train a young, closeted lesbian named Serena.
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