5 Best Life Size Sex Dolls

Here are the 5 best life size sex dolls. These dolls allow you to ejaculate within them, and because of this, are some of the most lifelike on the market. Take these home and enjoy them tonight!

  1. Jana Cova Love Doll. Of all the sex dolls on the list, this is the most realistic. Made from soft, latex skin, and modeled after adult porn star Jana Cove, this doll is guaranteed to help you get off!
  2. Jenna Jameson Extreme Doll Adult Sex Toy Kit. This doll is also ultra realistic, which is why, it part, it made to to the list. One of the most popular features of this doll is its ultra-soft, vibrating mouth that makes it a great tool for those who love fellatio.
  3. TLC Virtual Girl. While this doll is the most expensive on the list, it is also the most versatile. While you can have sex with this doll with ease, you can also remove the anus, vagina, or even mouth when you are too tired to have sex and simply want to masturbate. In addition, this doll can be easily cleaned with warm water and soap.
  4. Yuma Asian Anime Love Doll. This is probably the most unique doll on the list. As the name suggests, this doll is modeled after anime and manga cartoons.
  5. Tokyo Diva Vibration Life-six Sex Doll. Finally, this doll is another Asian inspired beauty, this time with perfectly trimmed pubic hair. Enjoy!



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