5 Best Lil Wayne Mixtape Songs

The 5 best Lil Wayne mixtape songs are culled from some of his mixtape work he has put out over the course of his career. While you may be missing Lil Wayne right about now on account of him serving out his eight-month prison sentence, a great way to keep him alive is by listening to some of his mixtape songs.

  1. "Put Some Keys On That" This Lil Wayne mixtape song is from his 2007 mixtape by the name of "Da Drought 3," which was even delayed for a while before it eventually came out. "Put Some Keys On That" shows Lil Wayne's perseverance, which is why it sits at number one. It features themes which can easily be read as his promise to do his best, even though his upbringing was not the best.
  2. "Georgia…Bush" This song comes from his 2006 mixtape called "Dedication 2." Featuring a lot of his free-flowing rhymes and associations and his fluid non-sequiturs, "Dedication 2" has "Georgia… Bush" as one of its standout songs because of its overly aggressive indictment of George W. Bush. So if you're a minority or a Democrat and agree with Kanye West's opinion of George W. Bush, you may get a lot of emotional and psychological gratification from this song.
  3. "Swag Surf" "Swag Surf" is another one of Lil Wayne's mixtape songs, this time coming from his 2009 mixtape by the name of "No Ceilings." "Swag Surf" has quite a few clever plays on words, especially when he references the baseball player Nomar Garciaparra and the "Little Shop of Horrors." He also gets clever, but in a more perverted way, when he references female genitalia and incorporates that into a line with Microsoft and Windows Vista.
  4. "Break Up." Also from 2009's mixtape called "No Ceilings," "Break Up" is another song that shows Lil Wayne's talent for dropping sometimes obscure references that you really have to think twice about to really understand. For that alone, "Break Up" takes the four spot, especially when he stealthily references the movie "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest."
  5. "Dick Pleaser" If you can stand very lewd song references, then "Dick Pleaser" is for you. From the mixtape called "Dedication 3," "Dick Pleaser" is basically Lil Wayne's contribution to rapping in a very blue manner to say the least. With more double-entendres than you can shake a stick at, this song takes the last spot on this list for its ability to shock alone.
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