5 Best Lil Wayne Remixes

Lil Wayne's career has spawned from being very hardworking and prolific, so which exactly are the 5 best Lil Wayne remixes? This list is an interesting collection consisting of different genres and genders of recording artists. You may have all of Lil Wayne's albums, but what about these Lil Wayne remixes?

  1. Q-Tip – "Renaissance Rap (Remix)". Lil Wayne joined the rapper/producer/actor Q-Tip, from the band A Tribe Called Quest on the star-studded remix for Q-Tip's single "Renaissance Rap". This remix featured Lil Wayne sharing a clever stint of lyrical precision with Busta Rhymes, Raekwon from Wu Tang Clan, and so course  Lil Wayne. The more you listen to this, the more quotable wordplay you come across.
  2. Busta Rhymes – "Don't Touch Me (Remix)". Busta Rhymes sends out the invitation to Lil Wayne for a remix collaboration for his song "Don't Touch Me". Wayne finds himself holding his own among hip hop royalty: Busta, Nas, Big Daddy Kane, The Game, Spiff Star, and Reek Da Villain. Wayne keeps this remix entertaining with lines like: "The Board of Health, says the boy need help, I am so hot the A.M. just melt."
  3. Santigold – "Unstoppable (Remix)". When the rapper Drake decided to remake Santigold's "Unstoppable", the beat didn't change but the lyrics sure did. He brought along Santigold herself, and Lil Wayne for a vocal revamp on the remix. Lil Wayne's memorable moment's include these lines: My name is Weezy, I'm almost perfect/And I work harder, than hard working.
  4. Ghostface Killah – "Run (Remix)". Ghostface, the master of colorfully surreal expressions of urban life, puts together an all-star remix, and Lil Wayne definitely made the cut. The track also features Raekwon, Jadakiss, and Freeway. Lil Wayne brings his southern swagger to this New York-centric up-tempo adrenaline-starter.
  5. Nelly Furtado – "Maneater (Remix)". Nelly Furtado brings Lil Wayne into the fold for a "Maneater" remix that blends their respective sounds for a club hit. Lil Wayne speaks about the highs and lows of guys getting used for their money by scandalous gold digging women. But Wayne focuses on the highs though with R-rated detail and splendor.


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