5 Best Lindsay Lohan Movies

This list of the five best Lindsay Lohan movies serves as a reminder that before the Hollywood starlet became a club-hopping, rehab-frequenting train wreck, she was a talented actress with a promising career. 

  1. "Mean Girls".  "Mean Girls" was Lindsay's first step out of Disney kiddy fare and onto mainstream Hollywood's radar. The film was a smash success, grossing nearly $130 million and receiving mostly favorable reviews from critics. Lindsay was praised for her portrayal of Cady Heron, a character that was both funny and clever, not to mention hot. Not only is "Mean Girls" one of the best Lindsay Lohan movies, it has also given pop culture quotes such as "You go, Glen Coco!".
  2. "Georgia Rule". In this 2007 dramedy, Lohan starred alongside Felicity Huffman and Jane Fonda as a rebellious teenager who is sent to live with her grandmother. Unfortunately, Lindsay's widely-reported antics off set overshadowed her performance in the film. A movie studio executive publicly blasted Lindsay for her tardiness and lack of professionalism. Lindsay's co-star, Jane Fonda, commented “Hey, when she showed up on the set, she was always great."
  3. "Bobby". In this 2006 drama about the final days of Robert F. Kennedy, Lindsay won critical praise for her subtle yet powerful portrayal of her character, Diane. Emilio Estevez, who directed the film, said that Lindsay was a focused professional the entire time she worked on the movie. Her performance garnered her a Hollywood Film Festival Award for Best Breakthrough actress.
  4. "A Prairie Home Companion". Lindsay held her own among a talented cast for this 2006 film. Co-star Meryl Streep said Lindsay was "in command of the art form [of acting]." This is high praise coming from Streep, who many regard as one of the greatest actors in Hollywood. Movie critics also enjoyed Lohan's performance.
  5. "The Parent Trap". A remake of the 1961 flick of the same name, "The Parent Trap" was Lindsay's first major role and one of her best movies. Her natural acting talent is apparent in this 1998 comedy.



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