5 Best Liv Tyler Movies

The 5 best Liv Tyler movies showcase her talents in different ways. Liv Tyler is one of Hollywood's most talented and under-appreciated actresses today. She takes on roles that she wants to do rather than roles that are always going to be good career moves. She loses herself in her characters and brings them to life, more than what some actresses do. It cannot be forgotten that she is one of the most beautiful women in the world of celebrities.

  1. "Armageddon" (1998)–Grace Stamper. Liv is one of the best parts of this star-studded cast. Her character is the smart and sassy daughter of a roughneck. She may not be the star of this movie, but no one is likely to forget the moment when she has to tell her father goodbye while Aerosmith plays in the background. She is beautiful, sophisticated and innocent all at the same time. She owns her role in this action adventure flick.
  2. "Lord of the Rings" trilogy (2001, 2002, 2003)–Arwen Undómiel. This movie brought Liv to the forefront in the world of acting. She has always been noticed for her demure way of acting: subtle, yet powerful. This blockbuster trilogy proves that she is a full-blown actress, capable of expanding her comfort zone and performing her role to the highest standards. Talk about dedication! She learned how to sword fight and speak a fictional language for the trilogy. Her angelic beauty was never compromised, not even with the big elf ears!
  3. "Inventing the Abbotts" (1997)–Pamela Abbott. This is one of Liv's earlier movies. She displays that endearing innocence that she is well-known for. Her portrayal of a young girl in the 50s trying to find herself and experience love at the same time is sincere and realistic. Liv takes her supporting role and turns it into a vital part of the entire story. She brings a certain grace to the big screen, something not often seen since the days of black and white movies.
  4. "The Strangers" (2008)–Kristen McKay. Liv has a leading role in this thriller and displays how she has grown as an actress. She still comes across with a feeling of innocence, but it is not as pronounced as in her earlier films. She is an adult and this is an adult part. Her fear and pain throughout the entire film are very lifelike. She does not fit into the stereotype of horror movie bimbos. She may lack the big breasts and blonde hair, but she still manages to captivate her audience. She also screams really well, always a great fear factor!
  5. "Jersey Girl" (2004)–Maya. This particular Liv Tyler movie might not have been a big hit, but once again, Liv brings life to her supporting role. She shows an edgier side of herself in this movie; she is more aggressive as a woman. She also takes the funny scenes, like the one in the shower, and displays the comedic side of her acting prowess. Liv is a truly talented actress, beautiful, focused and a pleasure to watch.

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