5 Best Longboard Gloves

Looking for the 5 best longboard gloves? Longboarding is a fast-paced and frankly dangerous high-speed street sport that requires attention to the smallest detail. Having the proper gloves for longboarding is vital not only for your safety and longevity but for the fun factor, too. In this sport, an improper glove can leave road rash to the bone. The 5 best longboard gloves are made from durable materials and provide "slides" or “pucks" along the palm and fingers as well as additional padding on the backside of the hand. The best gloves will keep your hands on the board, steady and true and will keep you sliding and properly protected.

  1. Loaded Skateboards Loaded Race Gloves. These gloves offer a goatskin, carbon knuckle and slide finger pads for added protection and stability. Expert construction with fitted pucks makes this durable glove the ultimate protection for the longboarder. Additional wrist and hand padding adds to the protection factor of this glove.
  2. Sector Nine Surgeon Slide Gloves. These longboard gloves provide superior slide protection for the longboarder. The finger and palm pucks are made of a durable composite that can stand up to the toughest slides. Added grip boost gives additional confidence when attacking sharp turns. This is a great all-around glove with many bonus features.
  3. Triple 8 Slide Gloves. These gloves boast a top-grade leather construction with tear-proof Kevlar fingertips. The slide and puck are extremely durable on this lightweight and firm-fitting glove. This is a perfect glove for the novice or the seasoned longboarder.
  4. Loaded Skateboards Loaded Slide Gloves. These are designed with breathability in mind without sacrificing safety or durability. This glove offers superior puck and finger slides and upgraded wrist guards and padding for the aggressive speedster. They come in great color schemes for the fashionable longboarder, too!
  5. Sector Nine BHNC Slide Gloves. These longboard gloves offer puck and individual finger slides for additional comfort and maneuverability. They provide double stitching at break points, adding to the longevity of the glove. A perfect fit and maneuverability for speed, control and depth of turn make this a great glove.
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