5 Best Longboard Skateboard Trucks

The 5 best longboard skateboard trucks are from some familiar names. Longboard skateboarding is the cousin of skateboarding. As the name suggests, the difference is the size of the board. Trucks are a necessity for longboards as it is for any skateboard. The five trucks are made by some of the world’s best manufactures and offer the best of the best for the serious longboard rider.

  1. Randall 180 Longboard Trucks: These are designed to meet the speed and friction of Longboarding. Long and sleek with enforced threads to manage those hard turns, the Randall 180 sets itself apart. These trucks are lightweight and durable with classic good looks. Polished steel meets designer wheels for a classy look and appeal.
  2. Kryptonics Core 6.0 longboard Trucks: Steady and durable, these ‘thick’ trucks are built for the asphalt. With added bushing for a cushioned ride, these trucks offer a sturdy core. For certain, these are long haul trucks that are very easy to remove and clean. The incased shocks provide a clean and safe environment for the heavy rider.
  3. Gold Coast longboard Trucks: These are ideal for the flatland longboarder. Easy flowing trucks with deep seated shocks and easy thread bearing for a smooth ride. Near maintenance free but when maintenance is called for these trucks, meet the mechanic with ease.
  4. Arbor Revenge Alpha Longboard Truck: The first in a lone of durable and lightweight trucks idea for the racer or trickster. These are available in various colors to allow a litter personalization for your longboard. Great trucks for general use, but be careful if you are a more aggressive rider.
  5. ParisCrimson 180 Longboard Trucks: Add some color to your flair with these lightweight flatland trucks. Designed to get you up and moving, these sleek and easy glide trucks are begging for speed. Sturdy technology keeps the board even and firm.
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