5 Best Longboard Skateboarders

Can a layman understand the dynamics behind the skills of the 5 best longboard skateboarders? Only with practice. A longboard skateboard's design consists of a traditional surfboard on wheels. The concept behind longboard skateboarding merely focuses on downhill racing, cruising and slalom racing, while as the traditional shortboard skateboarding incorporates acrobatics and stunts. Longboard skateboarders utilize an assortment of equipment to carry out hightailing sessions. Longboard skateboarding's influence continues to grow rapidly across the globe.

  1. Max Dubler Max Dubler takes a stroll down the roads of a secluded forest. The twists and turns of a cruising longboard skateboard unleashes an adrenaline rush for onlookers alone. Races are often broken up by law enforcement, which should explain the rogue nature of this sport. Dubler exhibits his skills quite nicely.

  2. Prince Dillion Skating downhill in LA or Peru and Columbia earns a top spot among the best longboard skateboarders. Amazing hills and blazing skills rocks the house with this athlete.

  3. Matt Kienzle Dipping and diving between curves on a concrete straightway while eluding injury takes a great deal of talent. Weaving downhill only adds to the magnificent display. Finding that groove entails a lot of practice, something Matt Kienzle dishes out hours of for fun.

  4. Brian Peck Not every terrain comes easily, even for professional longboard skateboarders like Brian Peck. However, hightailing a motor vehicle without wiping out shows the experience behind this longboarder.

  5. Louis Pilloni Spotting a group of longboarders is not difficult. Some find the thrill of darting in and out of traffic, such as this professional longboard skateboarder who dares to take his sport into a parking garage. Despite avoiding injury, the driver of the vintage Chevy may inquire about replacement headlights, if only for the assurance of seeing passerby's more discreetly. Billoni showcases the end result behind years of dedicated practice into the sport of longboard skateboarding.

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