5 Best Longbow Paintball Gun

The 5 best longbow paintball guns provide the ability for the one-shot kill that so many players desire in this style of paintballing. The longbow is an enhancement to existing weaponry that allows for a "simper" style attack. This type of paintballing is geared towards wider terrain gaming or simply out of standard arena play. This is a great system of paintballing and provides some strategic and fun scenarios.

  1. Spec Ops Longbow Paintball Sniper Rifle This built-for-sniping paintball gun has a built-in longbow stock and is ready to go from the time you load the 21 one-shot magazine until you have annihilated your opponents. This gun offers a steady aim and a semi-automatic capability. This longbow is perfect for open terrain matches or those far away perches waiting for your opponent to advance.
  2. Tippmann A-5 A5 SO Longbow Wire Paintball Stock This ergonomic longbow stock fits all conventional guns and provides for a stable, wide platform for shooting. The lightweight stock is compact and very durable. Made of aluminum and molded for a comfortable shoulder wrap, this stock is ideal for those looking for an excellent longbow upgrade.
  3. Special Ops Blackcell Ion™ Longbow boast the popular Ion design with a sturdy and durable frame. The super comfortable butt-stock caresses the shoulder as you fire away. The tubular design equates to a lightweight and very manageable longbow that is easy to carry, mount and dismount.
  4. Tippmann Paintball 98 Custom/Custom Pro/BT Longbow Saw Stock Super stock offering a wide mouth mount with added cushion to take any recoil. This stock sets nicely on the shoulder with a lightweight and tight design. The added sniper line of site makes taking out the target easier and more fluid. This is a great design with plus-ups in comfort and durability.
  5. SMC A-5 SO Air Thru Longbow Wire Paintball Stock This is a low profile professional grade stock that offers a sleek design and ultra-lightweight construction. Super durable and easy to maneuver, this stock is a great field enhancement for the longbow sniper. The low-angle should butt is comfortable as well as form-fitting makes for a steady and sure shot.
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