5 Best Looking Legs In Hollywood

Having a pair of the 5 best looking legs in Hollywood is no simple task. Sure, genetics plays a role, but the people on this list of 5 best looking legs in Hollywood work hard to maintain their exceptional physique. Of course, constantly being filmed and photographed provides plenty of motivation. 

  1. Betty Grable. If you don't know who Betty Grable is, ask your father or grandfather. The look on his face when you mention her name will convince you that she deserves a place on the list of 5 best looking legs in Hollywood. Grable, an actor and World War II era pin-up girl, supposedly had her legs insured for $1 million. Lots of money, even by today's standards.
  2. Charlize Theron. As one of the tallest women on the list of 5 best looking legs in Hollywood, Theron has plenty of leg to show off. Her long legs were voted the best legs in Hollywood according to a 2007 Touch Magazine poll.
  3. Jennifer Aniston. Aniston, born on February 11, 1969, has been the envy of many women since she burst onto the scene in the popular television show "Friends." Her perfect legs will ensure that her television role is not the only thing she is remembered for.
  4. Hillary Duff. Born in 1987, Hillary Duff is the youngest person to make the list of 5 best looking legs in Hollywood. When she is not showing off her legs in movies like "The Lizzie McGuire Movie" and "Cheaper by the Dozen," Hillary Duff can be seen showing off her assets on the music stage.
  5. Hillary Swank. Anyone who has seen "Million Dollar Baby" knows why Hillary Swank deserves a spot on the list of top 5 best looking legs in Hollywood. In "Million Dollar Baby," Hillary Swank played a boxer, the perfect role to show off her muscular legs. Hillary Swank, born in 1974, has also shown off her toned legs in "The Core" and "The Next Karate Kid."
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