5 Best ‘Lost’ Episodes

The 5 best "Lost" episodes have jam packed storylines with no filler. All of the best "Lost" episodes flow greatly and produce far more answers than questions. During the six-season run of "Lost," the writers took audiences on an emotional up and down roller coaster while producing questions that sometimes took seasons to get answers to. Big revelations about main characters that gets the audience emotionally invested in the show is what makes these the best "Lost" episodes.

  1. "Walkabout" The secret that comes out about John Locke at the end of "Walkabout" is why this is one of the best "Lost" episodes. It is something the audience doesn't see coming and once it's revealed, you understand John Locke's character. "Walkabout" is centered around Locke's character and is about him emerging as the hunter after food supplies run low. The flashback story is about his dull office life and how he wants to attend a walkabout in Australia to get some excitement. One of the best "Lost" episodes because Locke's flashback story and present day story have an amazing parallel. 
  2. "The Constant" "The Constant" is one of the most heartwarming and best episodes of "Lost." This "Lost" episode revolves around Desmond and his memory jumping back and forth between 1996 and the show's present day in 2004. It tells the back story of Desmond, his lost love Penny and all they went through, which is another reason it's one of the best "Lost" episodes. One of the best things about "Lost" is how the characters' lives crossed paths prior to the island and this episode shows Desmond and Daniel's lives intertwined. One of the best "Lost" episodes because of the emotional ending that will leave you in tears. 
  3. "The Other 48 Days" The shocking "Lost" revelation about other survivors from the crash was one of the best "Lost" moments. The fact that the writers so beautifully summed up the other survivors' 48 days on the island in one episode is why "The Other 48 Days" is one of the best "Lost" episodes. The principle "Lost" cast is barely in this episode and it only revolves around what happened during the first 48 days to the survivors from the tail end of the plane. This "Lost" episode helps the audience understand the tail end survivors situation and all the hardships they went through on the other side of the island. 
  4. "Ab Aeterno" During season six, episode nine of "Lost," the audience finally got answers to questions about long-time character Richard Alpert. One of the best "Lost" episodes because so many answers were given about Richard's history on the island. The "Lost" writers neatly tied together in one episode how Richard got to the island and how he got involved with Jacob. This "Lost" episode also explains how the black rock ship got onto the island and why Richard never ages. An abundance of questions were answered and no new ones arose, which is why "Ab Aeterno" is one of the best "Lost" episodes. 
  5. "The Pilot" The episode that gets you hooked into the show is the very first "Lost" episode, "The Pilot." During "The Pilot" the audience is introduced to the characters as a plane crash leaves the survivors stranded on an island. This "Lost" episode immediately gets the audience emotionally invested in the characters, which makes you want to continue watching the series. One of the best "Lost" episodes because "The Pilot" ties in with the finale episode of "Lost," which is chilling when you see how the first and last episode of the series connect.  
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