5 Best Low Carb Beers

The best 5 low carb beers are like a great first date, they show you a good time, but leave you with nothing to feel guilty about. Here’s a great way to get started finding a good brew that won’t add to your belly:

  1. Amstel Light.  One of two of the best low carb beers on the list from Amsterdam, this low carb beer boasts a smooth, flavorful taste that finishes crisp. At only 95 calories and 5g carbs, have two.
  2. Beck’s Premier Light. Like most low carb beers on this list, Beck’s Premier Light has a more potent big brother, but don’t think this beer is wimpy. At only 65 calories and 3.9g carbs, this surprisingly tasty alternative may turn more heads than the original.
  3. Heineken Light. The second from Amsterdam is a relative newcomer given the popularity of its non-light counterpart. While it might take some getting used to for those who love Heineken, the flavor really comes through at only 99 calories and 6.8g carbs.
  4. Sam Adams Light. Calling this a low carb beer might be a bit of a misnomer, but hey, it says ‘light” on the bottle. Hearty is not what many expect to get from one of the best low carb beers, but this one is no slouch. At 110 calories and 9.6 carbs, you will just have to work out a little on your day off.
  5. Budweiser Select. Okay, you didn’t think the mighty Budweiser wouldn’t rear its head on this list, did you? Think best low carb beer 2.0. This brew—despite being a tad watered down—has a nice balanced flavor and half the carbs of Bud’s original light beer. 99 calories and 3.1g carbs make this a good alternative to the King.

If anything, the best low carb beers have in common, they don’t sacrifice taste to give beer without the belly. Sure, the choices are a bit slim (no pun intended), but finding the best low carb beer for you isn’t going to be all that taxing either. We are talking about drinking beer after all.

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