5 Best Luxury Car Brands

The 5 best luxury car brands are those car brands that you always envy other drivers for having, but maybe cannot afford yet for yourself. These are the luxury car brands that will turn people's heads, get you the proverbial girl, and also let the world know of your status symbol. These brands have built up their fan base and reputation over many years, ensuring high quality.

  1. Lexus. When your luxury car brand's name is almost synonymous in pronunciation with the word "luxury," you know you have a great luxury car brand. The luxury vehicle division of Toyota, Lexus sits atop this countdown because it has become so successful that it is currently the number one seller of luxury cars in all of Japan. While Toyota's reputation has suffered lately due to their car recall, Lexus' sales are unaffected.
  2. Infiniti. Infiniti is the luxury brand of Nissan, one of Japan's biggest car makers. Infiniti takes the number two spot because of its unveiling of its new Infiniti Performance Line. This line of Infiniti cars focuses on luxury cars which are also high-performance and debuted in 2010. Infiniti as a brand started selling in the US in 1989, so it has had two decades worth of experience penetrating US markets.
  3. Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes-Benz easily takes the number three position because of its dedication to the Pope! Whenever the current Pope Benedict XVI travels abroad, he relies on Mercedes-Benz' modified M-class SUV. If Mercedes-Benz is good enough to appeal to the Pope, who, according to Roman Catholic belief, is the closest person in the world to God the Father, then this luxury car brand should surely be good enough for your needs.
  4. BMW. Founded by one Franz Josef Popp and standing for Bayerische Motoren Werke in German, BMW has been at the game long, since 1916. It takes the number four spot on account of its infamy: BMW has Nazi connections. The family of one Gunther Quandt became major shareholders in BMW after World War II, but Gunther himself was a member of the Nazis from 1933 onwards.
  5. Porsche. Porsche comes up at number five largely because it is very pricey to own one. But, if you have the dough to pay the price, then driving one of this luxury car brand's automobiles is truly one of life's most material pleasures. While Porsche has been awarded the most prestigious luxury brand by New York's Luxury Institute, it is affordable to only the wealthiest.
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