5 Best Luxury Mens Watches

Are you looking for a luxury men's watch? Nothing else announces to the world that you have arrived like a great watch. In an era where a lot of people just use their cell phone for time, a man who wears a luxury time piece stands out. 

  1. TAG Heuer. TAG offers a nice starter luxury watch. Some of the basic styles sometimes end up in discount retailers like Costco. Many designs feature a clean face and easy to read numbers. The Aquaracer model is a good choice for a man who wants a piece that looks good on land and on the sea.
  2. Rolex. Rolexes come in a variety of styles and colors for both faces and wrist bands. Some models are slimmer but, for those who want more bling from diamonds there are plenty to pick from. A simple Rolex like the Datejust, with the date displayed on the face, makes a great gift.
  3. Patek Philipe. This Swiis company has been making watches since the 1800’s. Although they are less well known among the American masses, Patek produces quality watches that are a joy to wear for many years. The Gondolo has an art deco flair with modern technology, and a leather band.
  4. Cartier. For someone who wants a more traditional watch, Cartier is the obvious choice. A good choice is the tank which is a square watch face featuring Roman numerals. While they don’t always keep pace with the trends, Cartier makes a watch a mature man wears.
  5. Movado. This is a great watch for someone who doesn’t need to keep track of minutes. Movado watches are simple and elegant with beautiful faces featuring only a marker at the 12 position. The Luno has gold and silver tones, to compliment your wardrobes.
  6. Breitling. An adventurous guy wears these chunkier watches. They offer several styles of chronographers that look stylish while diving, or in the boardroom.  The Navitimer has all the dials a diver needs, and looks sytlish with a strong metal band.

When you’re ready to invest in a luxury watch take the time to pick out one you like, because you will be looking at it for many years. A classic luxury watch becomes a family heirloom to pass down to further generations. Beware of knockoffs if you purchase a watch online – if the price seems too good to be true, it's probably a fake.

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