5 Best M16 Paintball Guns

The M16 was one of the most effective rifles in military history, so 5 best M16 Paintball guns won't disappoint. These M16 replicas will give the user a feel of the real M16 assault rifle. Have fun blowing away the competition.

  1. Tippman M16 Style Marker. This is a fairly standard M16 paintball gun that's in a pretty affordable price range. The real beauty of this model is the overwhelming amount of add-ons available for it. This paintball gun can be customized to suit anyone's style.
  2. Systema Training Weapon M16A3. A slightly more expensive model than the previous version. But it fires with at a remarkable rate of 330 fps. With the available upgrades, the rate of fire goes up to 540 fps. Great for the expert paintballer.
  3. Tippman Alpha Tactical. This M16 Paintball gun appears just as a real M16 would. It has a very low price and is dependable. This paintball gun would best suit the beginning paintball player first exploring his or her style.
  4. Tippman US Army Alpha Black. Similar to the Tippman Alpha Tactical, this paintball rifle is something of an upgrade from the previous one. It's only slightly more expensive and comes in a limited edition. Collectors and shooters alike will love this gun.
  5. Kingman Spyder MR1. This model of the M16 takes a different approach in its appearance. The unique look will attract some users, and its rate of fire and efficiency are no less superior than any model out there. In its affordable price range, this one would surely stand out from the rest.
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