5 Best ‘Mad Men’ Sex Scenes

While it may seem like ladies' man and advertising executive, Don Draper, gets most of the action on "Mad Men," our list of the five best "Mad Men" sex scenes verifies that he is far from the only one. Sex is an integral part of the show's plot and, as these scenes show, often tells us something more about the characters.

  1. Don and Betty in Rome, Season 3  The trip to Rome may not have saved the Drapers' marriage, but it certainly steamed up the television screen. What makes this one of the five best "Mad Men" sex scenes is the flirtation that happens before the deed. We are used to seeing Don flirt with other women, but not with his own wife. Betty, taking a page from the Grace Kelly book of fashion, pretends not to know Don, but it's all a show for two Italian men nearby. The hot sex scene that follows is a nice diversion from the reality of their crumbling marriage that awaits them when they return to Connecticut.
  2. Peggy and Pete in the office, Season 1 The sexual tension of "Mad Men" is one of the show's selling points and the tension between Peggy and Pete, who is engaged to another woman, culminates in a quickie on the office couch in Season 1. Much of the scene is cast in shadow, through frosted glass, but we get the idea. As is often the case, the fact that it's wrong is what makes it hot and lands it on the list of the one of the five best "Mad Men" sex scenes.
  3. Betty and the Dryer, Season 1 This "Mad Men" sex scene is the only one involving a major appliance, but it is definitely one of the best. Betty, feeling trapped in her life as a housewife with a cheating husband, discovers the joys of the vibrations of a dryer, all while fantasizing about the salesman that just left the Draper residence.
  4. Peggy and the Guy in the Hallway, Season 2 Not all of the best sex scenes on "Mad Men" actually result in sex. Peggy appears to enjoy smooching in the hallway with a guy who would like to take it further. After making his case for why Peggy would want to have sex with him, Peggy shoots him down and shows her growing self confidence with the classic response, "I am in the persuasion business. And frankly, I am disappointed by your presentation."
  5. Betty and a Random Guy at a Bar, Season 2  Maybe Betty was trying to see what it is like to be Don. She goes to a bar, orders a drink, makes small talk with a handsome stranger and has sex with him in the back room of the bar. Whatever her intent, it makes for one of the five best "Mad Men" sex scenes.
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