5 Best ‘Major League’ Movie Quotes

If you know the 5 best “Major League” movie quotes by heart, you’re sure to be a "home run” with a wide variety of people. “Major League” is one of the rare movies that are loved by sports fans and movie buffs alike. The 1989 film tells the story of a ragtag Cleveland Indians team and their improbable playoff run. The five best “Major League” movie quotes are among the brilliant comedic dialogue featured throughout the film.

  1. Harry Doyle: “Haywood is coming up to the plate, who is now leading the league in every offensive category, including nose hair.” As the Indians’ inept play-by-play announcer, Doyle has some of the best “Major League” movie quotes. He never missed an opportunity to take a verbal jab at opposing players.

  2. Lou Brown: “Nice catch, Hayes. Don’t ever fuckin’ do it again.” Lou Brown, the Indians’ manager, didn’t take any crap. His grisly demeanor and staunch attitude helped to unify the team when they needed it most. His quotes were some of the movie’s best.

  3. Heywood: “How’s your wife and my kids?” As the cleanup hitter for the Indians’ archrival Yankees, Heywood was the primary antagonist of the film. His huffy dialogue was among the best in “Major League.”

  4. Heywood: “Going somewhere, meat?” Willie Mays Hayes: “About 90 feet.” In this exchange, Willie Mays Hayes is declaring his intent on stealing second base, much to the irritation of Heywood. Hayes is one of the most noteworthy characters in “Major League,” and his quotes are equally unforgettable.

  5. Harry Doyle: “Just a bit outside.” In perhaps the most memorable of the five best “Major League” movie quotes, Doyle delivers this gem just after an Indians pitcher misses the plate by about six feet.
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