5 Best Mallu Actresses

The Top 5 Mallu actresses of Bollywood and other film genres outside of Western cinema are shaking up the world. And they’re doing so while (as in Hollywood) drawing attention through their beauty, and then managing to keep audiences riveted with their talent; the most prominent of these (over years past) obviously being Parminder Nagra—the star of “Bend It Like Beckham”and a later regular on NBC’s ER. Though this fine actress (actually born in England) has segued into Western productions, she got her break in the Mallu/Bollywood genre and is therefore #1 on the list of “Top Five Mallu Actresses”.       

Either way, Hollywood has chosen to make Mallu, Bollywood and other mostly low-budget (but usually well-made) cinematic efforts budgeted outside the U.S. a new trend. And if anyone doubts this statement, they should take a look at the accolades and money garnered by such fare as “Slumdog Millionaire”… where they can also take a look Freida Pinto, an actress whose beauty is nearly as evident as her talent and places her in the #2 spot on the list of top five Mallu actresses”

  1. Parminder Nagra. From England-to-Mallu-to-Hollywood, this actress is still going places.   
  2. Freida Pinto. The sky’s the limit for this “Slumdog Millionaire” co-star. 
  3. Vimala Raman. This actress makes it difficult to find reviews of her onscreen ability since most journalists choose to focus on her stunning good looks.    
  4. Jyothirmayi. This young woman is considered by most film aficionados as a “true actress of substance.” 
  5. An enigma known simply as Roma. This actress has yet to become well-known in the U.S., but is expected to by many.

However, it should be understood that looks and talent should be considered while compiling your own top five where actresses working within this genre.

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