5 Best Manufacturers Of Canvas Dog Beds

The five best manufacturers of canvas dog beds offer a variety of models and fabrics. A cushy bed is nice for young dogs but is critical for older dogs due to arthritis or joint problems. A dog bed provides the perfect place for dogs to nap during the day and to rest at night. It is easier to train a dog to use the bed if the canvas bedding is used when the dog is a puppy. Canvas dog beds placed in key locations suitable for dogs keeps the pets centered in one or two areas of the home or garage. A fluffy canvas dog bed can also be waterproofed for use as a soft place for dogs who hang outside. 

  1. L.L. Bean: L.L. Bean is known for canvas barn coats, canvas boat shoes and a host of other clothing items, but the firm also makes canvas beds for pups. The sturdy beds are zippered for cleaning and come in a variety of sizes that matches most dog sizes. The largest size takes up the corner of a small room and allows a reclining surface for the largest St. Bernard dog. The company even offers monogram service for the canvas bed for dogs who insist only on the best accommodations. Monograms require a special order that takes only a few extra days. The other beds can be delivered overnight, should a guest dog arrive unexpectedly for the night. 
  2. Orvis: Orvis dog beds gets the nod as one of the five best manufacturers of canvas dog beds due to the unique design options. Doggies who enjoy chewing their beds will find the Orvis "Tough Chew" bed a formidable opponent in the chewing department. Other Orvis canvas dog bed designs include the "Deep Dish" and the "Bagel." The designs feature shapes suitable for all pet breeds and sizes. 
  3. Woolrich: The Woolrich brand is another famous maker of outdoor clothing and camping equipment, so sturdy canvas dog beds are a natural extension for the manufacturer. The company features a special "Dog Gone Smart" round canvas bed that has an optional fluffy cotton pile top for warm nights on cold winter nights. The canvas cover can be removed to launder or replace after years of use. Just like a warm winter Woolrich coat, the company's dog beds offer toasty warmth. The company's slogan, "The Original Outdoor Clothing Company," gives the clue that the pet beds are sturdy enough also to be used outdoors. 
  4. Cryton: Cryton makes a patented "Super Fabric" bed as part of the regular line of dog beds. The company advertises the beds manufactured by the company as "mess free pet beds." Cryton offers famous designer pet beds by William Wegman and Michael Graves for the discerning doggy. The company's line of "Molly B. Pet Beds" incorporate patterned canvas in a variety of colors. For dogs who enjoy sitting on the couch, try the Melrose shape that mimics a human over-stuffed chair. Cushy. 
  5. Duluth Pack: Duluth Pack, manufactured in, you guessed it, Duluth, Minnesota, has been making outdoor wear since 1882. In addition to dog boots and dog packs, the company offers a sturdy dog bed. While other companies may offer dozens of designs and sizes, the Duluth Pack bed is offered in two sizes, 38" and 45" circular styles, but the reason the Duluth Pack bed makes the five best manufacturers of canvas dog beds is the sturdy canvas exterior. The 15-ounce canvas has a lifetime guarantee–your lifetime, not your dog's. 
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